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Fireworks Safety Hints

Getting Ready…

Purchase legal fireworks from licensed outlets.
Store fireworks out of children’s reach.
Keep pets indoors.
Choose an open outdoor area, away from trees and buildings,
keeping a safe distance from the viewers.
Have water handy, either with a hose and/or buckets.

Lighting Fireworks…

Only an adult should light fireworks.
Wear eye protection, such as safety goggles.
Light only one firework at a time, keeping your
head away from the firework, and move away.
Do not throw fireworks, nor hold them in your hand.
Stay away from a “dud” – never relight. After five minutes,
approach a “dud” carefully and douse with water.


Soak used fireworks in water – they continue to burn long after the show.
Clean up firework debris. Always be a good neighbor!

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